National Emergency due to the Wuhan or Corona or Covid-19 virus

Karla Renée Bennett, MBA                   Kevin H. O’Leary, CPA              Renée A. Green, CPA

  To our terrific clients:

You already know that we are in a state of National Emergency due to the Wuhan or Corona or Covid-19 virus, so what does that mean when it comes to the business and tax services for which you depend upon MEI and MECPA?

Firstly, we are doing business and getting your work done correctly and on time. However, as with any good business person, we are looking at this situation as an opportunity rather than a problem.


You can see that business-as-usual is a bit of a challenge, so how can we be smart about reducing social contact and at the same time be more efficient in our use of time, energy and other resources? The first answer is to use technology more-so than we already do…and that means:


  1. Make a phone call or send an e-mail rather than coming to the office. We love seeing you, but for now online is better.
  2. Avoid using paper where a fax (863-452-5758) or scan to PDF and e-mail is just as good.
  3. Use the drop/pick-up box anytime of day or night rather than trying to deliver documents during the work day. Talk to Cindy or Yessica (863-452-0101) about how to do that if you are not familiar with it already.

We intend to deliver documents to you to the extent possible by electronic means much as we already do in many instances. You should find this to be helpful as it is easier to memorialize data rather than paper. If we have to deliver paper to you, you might notice a pleasant floral scent depending upon what type of Lysol we have available. Rest assured that no matter our love and regard for our clients, you are not receiving a love note from your accountant, and it’d just be wrong in the current situation to ‘seal with a kiss’.

If you are not in the demographic most at risk, be sure that you exercise care as if you were. What may not affect you may present dire consequences for someone else with whom you come in contact either directly or by extension. As such, we want to continue to serve your needs with our doors closed.

Take a look at your circumstance and how this event is affecting you, and you will likely see the opportunities presented. For example, if you depend upon overseas suppliers, whether for component parts, tools and equipment, or medications, you have already seen that your supply chain is readily unreliable. Now is the time to seek local and domestically produced alternatives for your needs. Again, business-as-usual is not the order of the day.

Finally, whatever your system of belief, you can never be wrong by smartly watching out for your family and neighbors, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and shopping locally.